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CLAS Healthcare EMR (Electronic Medical Record)

Built on the technology of Micorsoft, EMR can integrate and transfer data from various sources (HIS, LIS, RIS, PACS or medical devices) into pre-defined health record, achieving high efficiency in usage. The EMR is linked to reliable drug interactions database, and to the patient claim history of Health Insurance of Vietnam and the Department of Health's Data Portal. The hospital has the flexibility to adjust report templates upon change requests but will not need to change the structure of the EMR.

LifeSys™ RIS/PACS - Image diagnostics management and storage, transmission system

With licensed technology, LifeSys™ provides the most advanced features for all RIS / PACS which allows all size health facilities to deploy and install instantly with convenience. The product can be adapted to workflow in multiple locations and with multiple physicians, allowing physicians to communicate, send SMS and/or email to physicians working remotely, ensuring sharing, remote consultation promptly for urgent, special cases. The product supports an unlimited number of medical facilities using high-security cloud storage, for a whole variety of images including DICOM and fast data transfer technology.

CLAS Healthcare Hospital ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

Complete management system for health facilities that includes information of health checkup, inpatient, outpatient, pharmacy system management, hospital fees, health insurance, integrated EMR, finance, human resources, strategies, plans, activities, ... The product has the effect of optimizing the planning and utilization of the resources of health facilities with high stability because the development is based on an ERP platform which has been deployed for many big businesses over the past 8 years. The product also helps to standardize management procedures easily due to the flexible management system, assign permission to every function.

Medcubes HIS

(From Austria) is accredited by JCI, currently available in many countries – which is an open framework and patient based with the capability of configuring the user interface, business logic of the system according to the hospital’s workflow and policies even with changes over time. Several intelligent functions: Nursing care, symptoma recording, diagnosis, automated nursing intervention, care plan; Medication management: Support prescribing mix, infusion prescriptions, drug interactions warning (connected to MIMS or thongtinthuoc.com),pause/discontinue drugs, automatically transmit orders from doctors to pharmacy department by automatic calculation of drugs per day, supporting the preparation and dispense drug by the nurses

Roche LIS - Laboratory Management System

A laboratory management system has multi-dimensional connection to many types of machine equipment and can be integrated with the hospital or clinic management system via the APIs. Laboratory quality management system connects intelligently, accurately, flexibly from the Cobas, Roche system: from collection, pre-analysis of clinical samples to the results; allows comparison on different machines on the same module, database; quality management, sample surveys; meet the test management procedures such as: Hematology, immunology, biochemistry, microbiology,.....

Bacsi24x7 App - Appointment application

Connects doctors and patients to make appointments in a certain time frame. Application helps to distribute patients to the clinic.

Bacsi24x7 Bot

Consult the doctor selection and appointment: By applying Microsoft technology, Bacsi24x7 Bot mines the data from clinic management software, EMR, hospital management software... to support the medical units: support the patient by providing medical information search, booking appointment smartly, looking up the appointment slot and estimate the coming time, time of result returning, auto-analyzing consultation data for health-focus education of patients, record all needs, inquiries, enhance the medical facilities to improve and support the patients more efficiently.

MedCubes RemoteCase

Fully interconnected all the RemoteCase devices which are FDA-approved. Be able to assess, diagnose, and treat the patient remotely by using Microsoft's Skype or Skype For Business. The results of the consultation can be stored in the PHR if necessary. It can be used in: emergency ambulance, remote areas, home care, nursing homes, military, oil, gas, mining, communities, aviation, disaster preparation and many other areas.

Products for healthcare management

CLAS Healthcare Health Dashboards - Statistical software for health service providers

Builds on Power BI technology to control large amounts of data for health facilities or state management agencies such as Department of Health. The product provides analysis of raw data, updated in realtime, and creates structured reports based on pre-defined criteria to support health facilities or state management agencies more timely and effective.

CHBase Patient Health Record – Online health records

Is based on CHBase technology of Get Real Health, integrated with management software system of medical facilities and with Health Insurance of Vietnam system, interconnected with over 400 health devices and meeting FDA standard. The PHR allows the patients to store comprehensive personal health information and use in a variety of health facilities. The PHR can store and exchange different data, including structured data, medical notes, and unstructured files (including DICOM or other medical imaging files).

CME Knowledge Hub (CME: Continuous Medical Education)

The online learning portal is a virtual learning environment that can collect the training content from many sources, in a variety of training formats. As a result, it provides medical practitioners with continuous training (CME) to improve their medical skills with the advantage of "unlimited space and time". Doctors can study anywhere, whenever they have an internet connected device (desktop, laptop, smartphone etc).